Tuesday, November 17, 2009

How things change ...

When was the last time you sat at a restaurant and had a good chat with a friend? Well, we do that almost everyday, don't we? It is just another of the unique traits that pepper our everyday Malaysian life. But, have we ever wondered if this uniquely Malaysian way of life is slowly changing? Almost all eateries and restaurants, save for the Mamak stalls at the street corners, provide their patrons with readily available wifi services nowadays. That's good for we now have the opportunity to catch up on some urgent matters beyond our office hours and beyond the confines of our office cubicles.
During my last visit to the nearest nasi kandar restaurant, something struck me that all is not well with this new 'development.' People don't behave the way they used to at nasi kandar restaurants anymore. They don't chat and indulge in 'empty-talks' over their favourite glass of 'teh tarik' and 'roti canai' anymore. Isn't that SAD? Every alternate table at the outlet that I visited, had someone busying himself with the laptop alone. Worst, there were some tables with more than one patron, but hardly conversing with each other as they were individually engaged with their own 'business' at their laptops, hardly raising an eyebrow to the person in front of them. I bet they had made arrangement to come to the restaurant together, and they will be leaving together later, but while they were there, they were complete strangers oblivion to the existence of each other. Such is the situation at everybody's favourite restaurant, and I'm sure it is the same everywhere else. AREN'T WE LOSING OUR MALAYSIAN WAY OF LIFE LITTLE BY LITTLE? YOU TELL ME!