Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Emotions and Expressions!

Different Persons, Different Emotions!

Ever wondered how our faces look like in the mirror when we wake up in the morning? Throughout the day, we experience different emotions which bring out different expressions to our faces.

Look at the different facial expressions in the composite picture above.
Can you name the different emotion each of the faces is trying to express?
Which emotion would you like to have on your own face?

Write your responses to the above questions.  

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Topics of common interest? ... Well, not anymore!

Quite recently, I met an old friend whom I had not met in a very-very long time. I remember we used to spend hours on end discussing about the world of football - players whom we fancied, jumping at half chances to condemn the 'other' player, predicting upcoming match scores, especially those which pit our favourite teams, reliving the glory days and yesteryears of our favourite teams ... and the topics of discussion never cease to end - all things football! So, naturally, when I was 'preparing' to meet this friend of mine, I was indeed mentally and psychologically 'psyching' myself up to face the same friend with the same topic of common interest - FOOTBALL.
But BOY, was I in for a shock! My burning enthusiasm & fire for football was doused in just a wee second when he told me casually that he had given up following the developments in football. For a while I was speechless, as he was the last person whom I would have bet my money on to give up the passion for football.
With due respects to my friend, I was a little disappointed to say the least.
That night, as I was recalling the meeting, it set me thinking that people do change owing to their ever changing environment and social milieu, thus adopting different approaches and having new perspectives on life.
As for me, I too have changed. So many things that I had felt right about in my younger days, seem unacceptable today. But at the same time, there's a little part of me that I would not want to change at any cost - the little passions in life that I used to pursue, and FOOTBALL is definitely one of them. I still stay up late nights to catch live matches, update myself on the latest scores, etc. For me, I would definitely want certain things in my life to REMAIN the same forever, because I sincerely believe that these are the little things that act as stress relievers and have a calming effect on me, especially during hard times.