Wednesday, October 7, 2009

4 ... 2 ... 4 ... No, not a football team play formation!

4 ... 2 ... 4 ... Do the numbers make any sense to you?

4 - the number of motorcyclists who did not bother to stop at the traffic lights when the light turned red.
2 - the number of vehicles that overtook me on the double line.
4 - the number of menacing potholes (that I deem dangerous, especially to the light vehicles)

It took me seven minutes to get from my house to my workplace over a distance of 6 kilometres, with the 4 traffic lights and one roundabout. And I could see the above.
Not that I'm a perfect driver myself, but when there is a rule to be followed, needn't we just do that, no matter what the urgency is? It is not only our life at stake here ... the thousands that ply the same route are at risk too. 

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